In the Enterprise Systems Group we perform research and development on the analysis and design of modern information systems.

We specialize in model-driven decision making, in the context of specifying, procuring and/or architecting and implementing small or larger information systems, such as ERPs. Our particular interest is the use of conceptual models and automated reasoning frameworks for navigating through large spaces of selection and implementation, acquisition and/or configuration alternatives, in order to comprehend, communicate and resolve complex decision problems.

Members of our lab include graduate and undergraduate students of Information Technology, Computer Science and Behavioral Sciences working on their graduate theses or independent paid, for-credit or volunteering projects. Please visit our project pages for more information, look at our current opportunities and openings or contact us directly.

The Enterprise Systems Group produces industry-relevant research that may be of benefit for organizations that undertake enterprise system implementations. Governmental funding now makes the establishment of collaborative projects very attractive and inexpensive. To know more what we do and how you can benefit from it, please visit our research and collaboration opportunity pages or contact us directly.